Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Our Amazing KL Road Systems

They say that pictures tell a thousand words. Well, here's one.

It was another day for me, caught in the jam on the way back home. I was just thinking how amazingly 'smart' our people are when it comes to planning (and carrying out) road works because I was caught in the new Imbi jam. For those of you who know (or don't), they have changed the road system along Jalan Imbi and never even bothered to do up the roads properly. It all looks a little crazy at the moment. So I was sitting in my car, half falling asleep and half singing to whatever song there is on the radio, when I saw what you are seeing in the picture above. I just found it extremely hilarious. Although by accident, I pressume, this ulitmately reflects the efficiency of our road systems and planning...random selection of road works as they please.