Thursday, March 22, 2007

Christmas 2002 - What happened?

I and many others clearly remembered the Christmas cards we received from Ah Loke that year. It says that we were to meet again ten years from then, under the tree. We moved on with our lives and all of us went our separate ways. Through the years, not much thought was given to the request made by him. For those of us who still saw each other once in a while, there was mention of it in passing. But again, nobody really anticipated Christmas 2002 as it seems too far off.

Many years passed and it was finally here....year 2002. It was a new millennium, everything changed and suddenly, we were all excited about Christmas that year. For me, it played in my head so many times how it would go down...Ah Loke and I would drive to Wesley, go for service, come out and meet up with 'the gang' under the tree, holding hands and everyone will gasp in shock to find out that we are now dating. That he will also bring along a golden retriever puppy which carried a diamond ring around his neck and Ah Loke will propose to me in front of our extremely shocked friends.

But of course, nothing in my life ever played out the way I imagined it to be. Basically all that I envisioned did come true, however not in that order...

We didn't meet up under the tree that year, most all of 'the gang' did not turn up. However, we do meet up a couple of times a year for Chinese New Year, birthdays, weddings, engagement, funerals, etc. Ah Loke and I have become the trustee organizers.

'The gang' found out about us dating much earlier before December that year and instead of shock, many laughed at him. You see, karma is what it's called. You laugh at your friend and call him incenstrous for marrying one of 'the sisters', you think people will forget? So forget they didn't and laughed at him for dating that sister's best friend.

I got the diamond ring after that year and have been wearing it ever since. We used it both in our engagement and wedding ceremonies. It is not big diamond, but one that is most beautiful to me...yes, cliche, I know. But it was the first diamond ring I ever got in my life. However, there was no proposal. ???

The golden retrievers came later. First Sunshine, then Snow. And of course, we had to get our baby beagle, Charlie Brown.

But the whole 'gang' was there for our wedding, including those who we do not meet regularly anymore. I think that makes up for Christmas 2002. And I'll be seeing them again at Lauren's 1st Birthday Party!!!!!!!! My baby is one years old. :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

On the Way to the Isle

When Trinar posted the photos on Friendster, it brought back many wonderful memories of events leading up to my wedding. I could not have asked for more, with friends coming back to KL for the wedding. Trinar flew back from Sydney, Suannie and Cynthia back from London and of course, Jeremy who came in for the one night from Shanghai. But my gals really made it totally unforgetable.

At first was the dinner at Suet's place. It reminded us yet again how time flies. When we met, we were still 8-9 year old girls in pony tails. When we sat down and looked at ourselves again, it shows that true friendship endures through all, even time, problems, dislikes and of course, distance.

The following was tying up chopsticks and writing thank you notes at Trinar's. If i have not friends likeTrinar and Suannie, I would have been in deep s**t. Eh, not bad on the ribbon tying department now, is it? Ivan would have not been able to make it look more than a shoe lace tied by an 8 year old.

Of course, the hen night. Dinner at Taishojin was marvelous (never thought that I would enjoy Japanese food that much). The party at Zouk was crazy! Champagne is always good for the soul. The vomitting is not. So much for all the tequila shots you crazy b*itches! Thanks for holding my head and hair back and tucking me into bed that night. You gals are the best!

Finally, the grooming sessions. Coleen, thanks for making me beautiful, and for the singing. Who does not love your voice?

All The Clichés

All The Clichés

The tension between us rise
All the damn mysteries in life
Is it really better left unknown
Why do we have to leave it alone

You say let sleeping dogs lie
I say let them just die
But the lips say is alright
My entire being says give it a try

The heart belongs to you
The soul’s been given, you fool
All the stupid clichés in a song
All I’m feeling is too wrong

To the one who ain’t you
They say I have to be true
I have waited hell too long
To still be in this lame form

No, it’s not wise
But why can’t I let it fly
Out of my life and out of my mind
Guess it’s about time

You look, I smile
Laughed hardest, by a mile
Walk on my friend
Hope’s crushed into sand

Pull your punches
Pull out all the stops
Pull out my heart
And make it stop…(beating for you)